How to Change Artboard Size in Photoshop?

Changing the artboard size in Photoshop is an essential skill for graphic designers and digital artists. Artboards provide a designated space for creating and organizing artwork, making it crucial to understand how to modify their dimensions. This article will guide you through the process of changing artboard sizes in Photoshop, allowing you to customize your canvas to meet specific project requirements.

Whether you need to resize an existing artboard or create a new one, this tutorial will provide step-by-step instructions and useful tips to ensure a seamless workflow. By mastering the art of artboard resizing, you will have greater control over your designs and enhance your overall creative output.

Key Takeaways

  • Artboard sizes in Photoshop can be customized or chosen from preset options.
  • Artboard dimensions are typically measured in pixels.
  • Dimensions determine the size and aspect ratio of the artboard.
  • Artboards have properties such as name, background colour, and position.

Understanding Artboard Sizes

understanding artboard sizes

Artboard sizes in Photoshop can be better understood by examining their dimensions and properties. When creating a new artboard in Photoshop, you have the option to choose from a variety of preset sizes or customize your own dimensions.

The dimensions of an artboard are typically measured in pixels, representing the length and width of the canvas. These dimensions determine the size and aspect ratio of the artboard, allowing you to work on projects of various sizes and orientations.

artboards in Photoshop have properties that can be adjusted to further customize their appearance and behaviour. These properties include the artboard name, background colour, and position within the document Does an Entrepreneur Make

Changing Artboard Dimensions

To modify the size of an artboard in Photoshop, adjust the dimensions of the canvas. By changing the canvas dimensions, you can effectively change the size of the artboard, allowing for more flexibility and customization. Here is a table outlining the steps to change the artboard dimensions in Photoshop:

Select the ArtboardClick on the artboard you want to modify
Go to the Properties PanelOpen the Properties panel by going to Window > Properties
Adjust the Width and HeightIn the Properties panel, enter the desired width and height values for the artboard
Lock the Aspect Ratio (Optional)If you want to maintain the aspect ratio, click on the lock icon next to the width and height values in the Properties panel
Apply the ChangesClick outside the Properties panel or press Enter to apply the changes and resize the artboard accordingly

With these simple steps, you can easily change the dimensions of your artboard in Photoshop, allowing for better control over your designs.

Converting Existing Documents Into Artboards

Converting Existing Documents Into Artboards

One way to incorporate existing documents into your design workflow is by converting them into artboards. This process allows you to easily manage and organize multiple designs within a single Photoshop file. Converting existing documents into artboards can be done in just a few simple steps:

  • Open the document you want to convert.
  • Go to the “Window” menu and select “Artboards” to open the Artboards panel.
  • Click on the document tab and drag it onto the Artboards panel.
  • Release the mouse button to create a new artboard from the document.
  • Repeat these steps for any additional documents you want to convert.

Adding Artboards to Your Project

To incorporate artboards into your project, you can easily add them by following a few simple steps. In Adobe Photoshop, adding artboards allows you to organize and separate different sections or variations of your design within a single document. To add an artboard, start by selecting the “Artboard” tool from the toolbar on the left.

Then, click and drag on the canvas to define the size and position of your new artboard. You can also choose from a range of preset sizes or enter custom dimensions in the options bar. You have the option to duplicate existing artboards or create them based on the size of existing layers or elements.

Working With Artboards in Photoshop

After adding artboards to your project in Adobe Photoshop, you can now start working with them to customize their size and make adjustments as needed. Working with artboards in Photoshop gives you the flexibility to create multiple designs within a single document. Here are five key things to keep in mind when working with artboards:

  • To resize an artboard, select the artboard tool and click on the edges of the artboard. Drag the edges to adjust the size according to your requirements.
  • Use the rulers and guides to align and position elements within the artboard accurately.
  • To duplicate an artboard, select the artboard and press Alt (Windows) or Option (Mac) while dragging the artboard to a new position.
  • You can also rearrange the order of the artboards by selecting and dragging them to a new position in the Layers panel.
  • To delete an artboard, select it and press the Delete key or right-click and choose “Delete Artboard” from the context menu.

Exporting Artboards for Different Purposes

Exporting Artboards for Different Purposes

When working with artboards in Photoshop, it is important to understand how to export them for different purposes. Exporting artboards allows you to save your work in various formats, such as JPEG, PNG, or PDF, depending on your specific needs. To export an artboard, go to the “File” menu and select “Export” and then “Export As”.

In the dialogue box that appears, choose the format you want to export to and specify the destination folder. If you’re wondering How to Change Artboard Size in Photoshop? you can easily tailor the export settings to meet your specific requirements, including adjusting the resolution, quality, and colour profile. Photoshop goes the extra mile by offering convenient options for exporting multiple artboards simultaneously, enhancing efficiency in your workflow and saving valuable time.

Tips and Tricks for Artboard Resizing

What are some effective techniques for resizing artboards in Photoshop? When it comes to resizing artboards in Photoshop, there are a few tips and tricks that can help you achieve the desired results. Here are five techniques that you can try:

  • Use the Artboard Tool: Select the Artboard Tool from the toolbar and click on the artboard you want to resize. Then, simply drag the handles to adjust the size.
  • Use the Transform Controls: Select the artboard and press Ctrl+T (Windows) or Command+T (Mac) to activate the Transform Controls. You can then resize the artboard by dragging the corner handles.
  • Use the Properties Panel: Select the artboard and go to the Properties panel. From there, you can manually enter the desired width and height values to resize the artboard.
  • Use the Crop Tool: Select the Crop Tool from the toolbar and drag the handles to define a new size for the artboard. Press Enter or Return to apply the changes.
  • Use the Canvas Size: Go to Image > Canvas Size and enter the desired dimensions for the artboard. Make sure to select “Relative” to resize the artboard proportionally.


How do I change the size of my canvas in Photoshop?

To change the artboard in Photoshop, go to the “Artboard” tool in the toolbar, click on the existing artboard, and then select a new size from the options or enter custom dimensions.

How do you change the artboard in Photoshop?

To change the artboard in Photoshop, go to the Artboard tool in the toolbar, then click on the existing artboard or create a new one by selecting New Artboard from the toolbar options. Once selected, you can adjust its size and properties in the control panel.

How do you change the size of the artboard in Adobe?

To change the size of the artboard in Adobe, go to the “Artboard” tool, then click and drag to create a new artboard or adjust its dimensions in the control panel. This allows you to easily resize and customize your artboard to fit your design requirements.


In conclusion, understanding how to change artboard sizes in Photoshop is crucial for creating visually appealing designs. By learning how to change artboard dimensions, convert existing documents into artboards, and add artboards to projects, you can have more control over your design process.

Knowing how to work with artboards in Photoshop and export them for different purposes can greatly enhance your workflow. With these tips and tricks for artboard resizing, you can create stunning designs that will captivate your audience.

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