Who Are Henry Cavill’s Siblings? Meet the Cavill Clan

As one of Hollywood’s leading men, Henry Cavill casts a tall shadow. Yet behind this Superman actor stands a clan just as extraordinary. Meet the Cavill brothers – Piers the army officer, Niki the Royal Marine, Simon the family man, and Charlie the adventurer.

Though they shun fame, their bond with Henry reveals itself through words of respect and admiration. Join us as we introduce you to the remarkable Cavill siblings and glimpse the forces that shaped Henry into a gentleman superstar.

Piers Cavill: The Eldest and the Army Officer

Piers Cavill: The Eldest and the Army Officer

As the firstborn Cavill brother, Piers set a tone of duty and discipline that would ripple through his siblings’ lives. His career as an army officer and tank commander exemplified the military tradition that ran strongly in the Cavill family. 

Piers served Queen and country with courage and level-headed leadership, earning the admiration of peers and subordinates alike. Though he shuns the spotlight on younger brother Henry, Piers’ quiet strength and dedication to service inspired Henry’s work ethic and humility. 

Even in retirement, Piers maintains the bearing of a man devoted to a higher purpose. His occasional appearance by Henry’s side at premieres shows his pride in Henry’s career, while also reminding Henry of the virtues instilled by his eldest brother – virtues that ground him amidst glittering Hollywood hills.

Niki Cavill: The Royal Marine and the MBE Recipient

Niki Cavill: The Royal Marine and the MBE Recipient

As the second eldest Cavill, Niki continued the family’s esteemed military tradition as a lieutenant colonel in the Royal Marines. His courage and leadership in counterinsurgency operations in Afghanistan earned him the distinguished MBE honor from the Queen. 

Though Niki eschews publicity, his selfless service and coolness under fire instilled in younger brother Henry Cavill deep respect for the armed forces. Niki’s calm authority in the midst of chaos also taught Henry the meaning of grace under pressure. Like the unwavering ocean tide, Niki represents the resilience and quiet fortitude of the Cavill clan. 

His presence reminds Henry of the sacrifices made by servicemen and women around the world. Niki Cavill may prefer to avoid the Hollywood hoopla surrounding Henry, but his unwavering loyalty and discretion makes him an anchor holding fast through the storms of fame and fortune.

Simon Cavill: The Finance Guy and the Family Man

Simon Cavill: The Finance Guy and the Family Man

As the only non-military Cavill brother, Simon chose his own path into the world of finance. His career in accounting and investments provides an important practical counterbalance to his brothers’ military service. 

Though he lacks the rigid discipline instilled by army life, Simon exemplifies the Cavill family values through his devotion to his wife and four children. He represents the quiet joys of domestic life that ground Henry amidst the chaos of Hollywood. Frequent family reunions in the brothers’ childhood home of Jersey are a reminder to Henry of the meaning found in kinship. 

Simon offers Henry a window into the daily rewards of raising children and maintaining a loving marriage. His presence provides Henry both balance from his acting life, and inspiration that family is life’s greatest blessing.

Charlie Cavill: The Youngest and the Adventurer

Charlie Cavill: The Youngest and the Adventurer

As the youngest Cavill, Charlie represents the free spirit and thirst for adventure that complements his brothers’ military rigor. His travels across continents as a bartender, ski instructor, and diving expert epitomize the wanderlust Henry taps into for globetrotting film shoots. 

Charlie embodies the independence and youthful daring that Henry draws upon for his bold on-screen roles. He inspires Henry’s curiosity for world cultures. While his brothers chose service, Charlie chose self-discovery through intrepid exploration. His relaxed charm is a balance to his siblings’ stoicism. 

Though the least visible Cavill, Charlie’s adventurous zeal is evident in Henry’s range and risk-taking as an actor. In many ways, Charlie lives the off-screen life of freedom and faraway journeys that Henry can only experience through his acting.

The Cavill Brothers: A Bond of Love and Respect

The Cavill Brothers: A Bond of Love and Respect

Despite their diverging callings, a deep camaraderie unites the Cavill siblings. Their military service and family lives become pieces of Henry’s character. Piers instilled duty and discipline. Niki inspired grace under fire. Simon showed the rewards of domesticity. 

Charlie embodied an adventurous spirit. Each brother granted Henry an essential part of himself. This alchemy of influence anchored Henry as he entered the tempestuous world of film. The brothers express their connection through ardent support of Henry’s career and unwavering loyalty despite distance and time apart. 

Most powerfully, they show their bond by avoiding the limelight and keeping their lives private. Their trust in one another supersedes fame. The Cavills are proof that family shapes us in ways no outsider can, guiding us to become our best selves.


Who are Henry Cavill’s siblings?

Niki Richard Dalgliesh Cavill

Charlie Cavill

Piers Cavill

Simon Cavill

Is Henry Cavill the oldest in his family?

Henry is the second youngest son, with four brothers. He was privately educated at St. Michael’s Preparatory School in Saint Saviour, Jersey before attending Stowe School in Buckinghamshire, England.

What actor looks like Henry Cavill?

Superman: Legacy star David Corenswet looks remarkably similar to previous DCEU Superman Henry Cavill in new photos of the DC Universe’s Clark Kent actor.

Are Henry Cavill and Matt Bomer related?

Both have striking identical blue eyes, prominent low brows, and matching chiseled faces. However, Cavill is six years younger and probably has at least a foot and 75 pounds on Bomer. And these two twinning actors are not related to each other.

How many brothers and sisters does Henry Cavill have?

In his personal life, the actor has a brotherhood of his own with Piers, Niki, Simon and Charlie Cavill. During an interview on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Henry spoke about growing up in a household full of boys. “I have four brothers,” he told host Jimmy Kimmel. “I’m number four out of five, so the second youngest.


Henry Cavill stands amongst Hollywood’s A-list, yet remains grounded thanks to his four extraordinary brothers. Their military service instilled duty and valor. Their family life brought meaning and belonging. And their adventurous spirits kindled Henry’s passion for exploring new worlds. Together, the Cavill clan exemplifies the varied seeds from which great actors grow. 

Though they shun fame, each brother’s influence shines through in Henry’s strength of character on and off-screen. When this Superman actor soars to new heights, the Cavill guiding lights – Piers, Niki, Simon and Charlie – are there reminding him that family is our real superpower. Henry’s steadfast loyalty is a testament to these bonds which shaped the man behind the Hollywood hero.

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